The Question is…..What do you think Hospitality will look like in the year 2039?

We have more choices then we did before. Architects and Designers, Developers and Engineers and Technology sectors are working together to bring us more design focus products. Technology is leading us and it is just the beginnings.

From iPad dinners, AI’s as our business partners, Self-thinking locomotives, our travel industry continues to evolve. There is more of a need for the “human connection” and  as technology leads us into a new frontier there is a need for these two to co-exist.

The Experience is often quoted as the number desirable factor the we all look for in our hotel stay.David Rockwell, founder and president of AD100 firm the Rockwell Group says “Hotel brands are shifting away from homogenization and uniformity, and are making individual properties more local and personalized. It;s partly a reflection of the physical isolation associated with social media and partly an acknowledgement of a basic human need. And at its core, hospitality requires a human touch”.

Andrew Zobler, founder and CEO of all Sydell Group, has a similar view. “Travel will continue to become more and more about immersion in the destination and things unique to that destination, including food and design,” he says.



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