Cl Designs and Staging

“We have a passion for designing. Our design always reflect balance in the elements where the composition and proportion are perfect, mixed with a certain flare for glamour and comfort”.

Designer Caron Lashley has a passion for all things design. Working together with collaborators on various projects, the Cl Designs and Staging studio reinvents and transforms your space to become their full potential.

Cl Designs and Staging and Rentadesigner.ca clients are assured of individualize service in colour and design, the former Fashion Visual Merchandiser, who specialized in designing interiors still has a connection to the fashion and beauty world.

Cl Design and Staging is a design studio based in Toronto which specializes in Residential, Commercial Design and Model Homes Design.

Collaborating with Lacad Contract design and colour speculation sales for our Hospitality procurement services in wall covering, furniture, lighting, design accessories, art and rugs.